Saturday, March 7, 2015

As the reigning Miss Malaysia Earth 2014

I personally love working and interacting with children because children are full of wonder and interest about things you bring into the classroom. In fact, I am an enthusiast in whatever I am interested in. The children at Premier Montessori were so excited and interactive throughout the entire lesson. So what I have prepared for the children was a learning map which I call it the “LEARNING TREE” whereby it highlights the importance of trees! Just so you know I can only draw a stick man. That’s right. I mean terrible looking stick figure is all I can draw. Therefore, I have tried my best to color beautifully and keep it understandable to kids and fun at the same time! *chuckles*

I believe that environmental education for children should start as early as possible! The reason is because children's attitudes toward living things develop at a young age and they will imitate the attitudes and actions toward caring for the environment that you model for them. The best way for young children to learn about nature is through real interactions with it. They need chances to touch, feel, look and smell. Therefore, getting the children to participate in tree planting activity in their school compound will definitely get the kids excited about the environment too : ) Young children need more opportunities to explore nature and form a bond with it. By teaching children at a young age to be environmentally aware, WE are building lifelong habits that could potentially make a dramatic difference in the future of OUR earth!

Get the children involved in planting and care of trees. It's never too early to get started! It’s a wonderful opportunity to get kids into nature and instill a love for the environment, as well as teach them the importance of environmental stewardship and taking care of the planet ♥

- If we do not plant knowledge when YOUNG, it will give us NO shade when we are old - 

Warmest regards,

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