Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let us all come forth to support those really in need!

I woke up one morning and looked up on the wall. I wanted to do something more satisfying and exciting than an afternoon spent browsing the internet and doing practically nothing. An immediate plan came to me. Search on the internet for contacts and contacted the center for visiting. I had no time to waste as I hurriedly drove to buy food necessities, lunch, and prizes. On my way home, I managed to stop by the nursery to buy tree seedlings for the children to plant later on. I called up my good friend to help out. We were brainstorming for game ideas, and to my surprise, I got all the things sorted in less than two hours! What I enjoyed most was packaging goodies bags and twisting balloon animals *giggles*. Although, I can be serious sometimes, I remain a child at heart. From the second I stepped into the home, the children were so excited and happy. Their faces especially lit up when they knew plenty of fun packed games awaits. The children tucked into their favorite fried chicken complete with a variety of aerated drinks. After a hearty meal, the children played games and I performed my magic tricks. I was eager to get them all involved in the planting activities in their home compound because while I was browsing through their pictures on the internet, I noticed there was hardly any kind of trees or greenery in their compound! At the end of my visit, the staff came up to me and admired my patience with the children. I couldn't help but smile in my heart.

Indeed a nice charitable video or some FB pictures showing some environmental outdoors work just won’t cut it. While some people might think beauty queens are just faking it to show they are in good light, I personally think, it is being your most open and genuine self as well as enjoying the process of doing it really matter most. Also, doing something good OUT of the spotlight! In my past, I've visited nursing homes, other charitable homes and donated clothes, toys and books to the Salvation Army and no pictures whatsoever was taken. However, the reason I am sharing my experience today with pictures and long boring descriptions is to grab this golden opportunity to let people know despite who you are and what you are, help those in need. Do something of your own free will, you do it by choice and not because you are forced to do it.

Helping the kids out with the cross word puzzle game ^^ 

Playing games with the kids! 

Our tree planting session.

Preparing lunch for the kids. 

Donated tree seedlings to the home.

Running a non-profit humanitarian organisation is such a huge commitment and the financial struggles are large. The sponsorship and donations are used very wisely, however there are continuing financial challenges. Personally, it is satisfying to see that the money is spent on the children but overwhelming to see how much more could be done if there were more sponsors and donations. I urge you, yes you reading this to Please, HELP spread the word! 
Cempaka Welfare Home provides shelter to orphaned and abandoned children from destitute and broken families, regardless of gender, race, creed or religion. If you would like to contribute something whether in terms of monetary value or daily necessities, or just simply visiting the children, please contact Tel: 03-7880 3936.

Address: No. 58, Jalan SS23/25, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, West Malaysia. 

May the children of Cempaka Welfare Home be blessed with fruitfulness in all aspects of their lives! : )

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